Welcome to the Voice of Wilmington and Clinton County, Ohio.

WALH Radio is an internet streaming music station serving the Wilmington and Clinton County, Ohio area.  We are the forerunner of WALH-LP FM radio, which was started by Lee Hendee of Wilmington, Ohio as a non-profit community, low power FM radio station. In addition to being in commercial radio for 50 years, Lee spent countless hours establishing WALH-FM radio, which broadcast on 1067. and over the internet at walhradio.com.   The numerous roadblocks by out-of-town concerns over an FCC license was simply too expensive and mentally draining on Lee, which contributed to his early demise.  It was decided that the best means of honoring Lee’s efforts was to eliminate the restrictions imposed by the FCC and the IRS and to convert the station to a commercial streaming radio station.  WALH Radio, LLC, is an Ohio limited liability company who’s sole purpose is to be the Voice of Wilmington and Clinton County, Ohio.

Located is southwest Ohio within the golden triangle of Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, our population comes from a variety of backgrounds, and contains a mix of white collar and blue collar families who see Clinton County as a great place to raise a family.    Small family agriculture coexists with industrial and professional companies, resulting in a population blend seldom seen.

However, everybody loves listening to music, local and regional news, weather and sports.   At WALH Radio, our primary genre is classic rock, from the early 60’s to the mid 80’s.   Whether you are 20 or 70 years old, classic rock is familiar to all.   It’s what we do.

Stay tuned for more as WALH Radio continues its restructuring and adds new services.   If you have a smart phone, digital device, or computer, you can will find a way to listen to local radio.

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